About: the band

The Learning Center is a two man act founded in September 2012, consisting of Jordan Golding and Leo Liebeskind, two sophomores at Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio.  Golding and Liebeskind are both prolific songwriters, soulful singers, and gifted blues-rock guitarists.  The duo usually plays with two acoustic guitars, and sometimes Leo also contributes with the harmonica. Golding and Liebeskind usually split lead and backup vocals throughout the course of a show, as well as lead and rhythm guitar.

Golding has played numerous shows around his hometown of Louisville, as well as shows in Nashville, Atlanta, and Oberlin.  He has recorded three albums of original material and has dabbled in genres ranging from folk to ska to metal. Commanding a soft yet emotionally compelling voice, Jordan’s experience in theater affords him enviable precision over his vocal presentation, and offers the audience a more considerate and involved experience.

Liebeskind has also played a great number of shows in his hometown area of New York, and in 2010, he joined Pete Seeger on stage at a benefit concert in Dobbs Ferry, NY.  He has also recorded three albums of original material and is currently working with the Booga Basement production team on recording new music.  Liebeskind’s style ranges from folk to blues to psychedelic rock.

Together, the Learning Center creates a soulful acoustic roots rock sound, focusing on passionate, poignant lyrics, precise guitar work, and rich, hearty vocals.


A newspaper in Kingman, Arizona wrote an article about the us and the tour! 


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